Over the past 3+ years we have noticed one consistent trend here at Cognizance Capital: awareness around the variables that will lead you down the path to success in a 2016/17 world are still not being applied by 90% of the entrepreneurial market place.

At Cognizance Capital it's our mission to help entrepreneurs and brands to begin the process of not only understanding, but implementing the tactics and adopting the paradigms that the "MARKET" respects and responds to in today's time. We draw on extensive research, insights, & experience to shine the light on how consistent growth can and should be achieved.

We are consultants, coaches, speakers, strategists, researchers, and writers, sharing our passion because we truly are obsessed with entrepreneurship.

Founder and CEO Anthony D. Vaughan has been called "intense, exciting, motivating, and one who truly cares." His career has been a tough yet fulfilling one that has positioned him to understand much of what most entrepreneurs go through!

He and the Cognizance Capital team have work with and advised 650+ entrepreneurs creating true lasting results.

- More learning
- Increased desire to learn
- Potential to increase sales
- More personal and team productivity & communication
- Innovation
- More relationships
- More impact


The Future Awaits

Strategy "designed for a founder / senior executives"

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In this program we will handle the planning/outlining of the strategic thoughts around potential business development partners, companies that we feel can benefit the brand's exposure, competence, stability, brand equity, motivation & guidance thus setting the meetings up for the brands.

In this program we also offer 90 min Q & A call options where we allow the executives and/or founders to rant their perspectives and visions thus we provide an on-the-spot analysis, breaking down step-by-step how to strategically align tactics, people and processes going forward based off of the behaviors of consumers' and competitiors' behaviors.

Educate U

Training/Keynotes "designed for key executives, founders"

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In this program we will handle educating the brand on why changes have to be made and the details of those changes "content will be around the specs of Cognizance Capital" context marketing, humanizing business, educational context value, scaling unsalable.

Ad Spend

Measurement/Consumer feedback, reach "designed for key executives, founders"

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In this program we will handle the ad spend for your creative content. We will educate ourselves on your potential market, position the correct keywords and tracking the results and adjusting accordingly to the marketplace, retesting, and creating more substantial results.

Culture & Leadership Management

Education/Consulting/Context Leadership "designed for founders"

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This program will educate the staff & founders about the importance of building a fantastic culture and leadership system and approach while also positioning marketplace and brand specific tactics that will help improve their current culture and leadership strategies.

First 18

Consulting, Education, Advising, Partnerships "designed for founders"

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This program will educate any aspiring or first-time entrepreneur within their first 18 months of operation. The goal is to provide them with all of the content, case studies, and research that, once consumed and ingested, will make any startup founder succcessful.

Community Management / Context Marketing

Marketing "designed for founders and key executives"

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This program will provide true value for brands' clients and/or consumers and add value like never before thus building incredible brand equity. (Context educational marketing, keyword marketing, searches, client/consumer surprise value context gifts, online consumer service, responses!


Marketing/PR "designed for founders and/or key partners/staff"

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This program will position brands/founders as leaders of their marketplace by scheduling blogs, hiring influencers to drive sales and provide value, guest post articles, podcasts as well as strategically developing strategies that add educational value in the form of blogs, videos, info graphics, clip art.


Book a keynote and learn cutting edge insights and tools that will push you and your team forward.

Keynotes inspire, engage, and create higher levels of awareness thus leading to greater levels of success. Our speaking engagements are offered to 40 individuals' "MAX" primarily to ensure that all knowledge is being received and all questions can be answered with depth and personalized tactics.

Speaking Topics:

Business is Human, Don't Forget

(Primarily for CEO's, Founders, & Higher-Level Executives)

"Business is Human, Don't Forget" dives into the overall perspective and tactics of how to drive business results by understanding 1-on-1 marketing tactics, respecting the grind that can create unseen opportunities, & the art of NOT separating business from our natural human behaviors!

Brand Outreach, Hustle, & GRIT

(Primarily for CEO's, Founders & Entire Organizations)

90% of big goals fail, yet it's incredible how pure hustle can create phenomenal results with the remaining 10%. Making sure your brand spreads in areas one may not expect is the key to longevity and sustained success, thus brand outreach and the tactics that follow create that opportunity!

Employee Context Matters

(Primarily for General Managers, Managers, Founders, & CEO's)

How do we as an organization drive and motivate our employees to want more and to work harder? Simple: care more, understand more, and do more for that employee around the variables of their life that are correlated to what they want, not what you want them to do for you and/or your organization.

18 Months "Understanding Entrepreneurship"

(Primarily for aspiring or startup founders & incubators/entrepreneurial university programs)

Studying hundreds of successful organizations and entrepreneurs had revealed that fully grasping the variables that make an entrepreneur successful takes more than the 6-12 months most young aspiring businessmen and women think it does!

2 videos?: Culture & Leadership Management + The Future Awaits

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